Pictures are not to scale!  Vases maybe different.

We will make every attempt to make the arrangement as close as possible, but due to the perishable nature of flower- substitutions may be made,

always keeping in mind the over all value and beauty of the bouquet.

Prices do not include local delivery charges (6.00- 10.00) or the Teleflora sending charge 7.00.

Please call us at  386-676-9200 or 800-208-9340 to discuss all the available options.

Your A Gem  55.00 & up     Pink Me Up 75.00 & up     How Sweet It Is   35.00 & up       Moments of Majesty  75.00 & up      Make A Wish  35.00 & up      Sunny Smile 35.00 & up

Fly Away    40.00 & up     Everlasting Love  100.00 & up     Timeless Romance 100.00 & up          Dozen Rose Vase  49.95 & up     

Peace Lily  45.00 & up        Orchid Plants  60.00 & up        Exotic Grace    65.00 & up        Tropical Bliss  85.00 & up             Bromelaid Plants   40.00 & up     Dish Gardens  35.00 & up

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​​Color Burst 35.00 & up     Your Sweet Smile  40.00 & up     Lavender Charm 65.00 & up       Pleased as Punch  50.00 & up     Beautiful in Blue 55.00 & up      Meant to be  45.00 & up
Purple Passion  35.00 & up        Cotton Candy 45.00 & up        Fancy Free  35.00 & up           Vibrant Cube  40.00 & up              Smile Mug  30.00 & up           Wonderous Wishes 75.00 & up

We are proud to be a member of the Teleflora wire service .  These pictures reflect some of the vast offering available to you through Teleflora.  But, due to the perishable nature of flowers, availability and seasonl offerings, it is impossible to carry every flower.  The bouquets pictured here are normally available year round.  It is very important to you and to us too, that we have the freshest flowers available  and at the best prices.  These bouquets reflect what we believe to be tried and true arrangements, this means better satisfaction for you.  As always, please don't hesitate to contact us for any special order.

  Call us at 386-676-9200 or 800-208-9340

Sympathy Designs start at 55.00 and up.  Please call for details.

​​​​​​​​​​​​Best Wishes Flowers & Gifts 

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Best Wishes Flowers & Gifts in Ormond Beach

Best Wishes Flowers & Gifts in Ormond Beach . Your local flower shop for fresh bouquets